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About Southwest Management Group

Southwest Management Group, established in 1991, has worked with hundreds of practices throughout the United States. The company is owned and operated by Jessica Jacobs. She has been providing management and practice development for dentists for over 25 years. Southwest Management Group focuses on customized protocol and proven systems that work in your practice and meet your own practice philosophy.

Management is a process in your practice evolving and changing as your practice grows. Southwest Management Group continues to work with you and your staff to maintain structure, organization and profitability with the continued growth of your practice.

At Southwest Management Group, we strive to establish accountability for daily tasks of the staff. In doing so, we minimize the amount of time the dentist needs to be involved in the administrative functions of the practice such as:

  • Scheduling
  • Financial Arrangements
  • Account Receivables
  • Recare System
  • Treatment Plan Follow Up
  • Insurance

Southwest Management Group is committed to providing you and your staff with the tools you need to create a profitable, exciting, growing practice. The team of consultants at Southwest Management Group bring years of experience to you and your staff and often work together to make the most of your investment in your business.

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