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Staff Problems and Conflicts​

Over the years working with doctors and staff, we have pinpointed that one of the biggest problem areas within the office environment tends to be the delegation of tasks. Even though you may have hired employees with work experience, your staff might be unaware of who should be handling a particular task or that you expected them to complete it. Our organizational management protocols outline every task and assign each one to the appropriate staff member. With clearly defined job descriptions, you and your staff will always know what needs to be done and who is responsible.

Low Cash Flow

Most doctors know when there is a low cash flow problem plaguing their practice; however, many struggle to find a workable solution. At Southwest Management Group, we help create a positive cash flow for your business using a system to effectively collect on past due accounts from both patients and insurance. Combine that with training for you and your staff on the best way to approach a financial conversation with patients that is systematic, scheduled, and scripted – then you can join the ranks of many of our practices who are successfully operating at less than 10% Accounts Receivable at the 90 days marker.

Not Enough New Patients

The growth of your business depends on new patients. At Southwest Management Group, we have seen practices go from 7-10 new patients a month to consistently getting 40-50 by marketing their services more effectively. We work closely with a dental focused internet marketing company that provides customized cutting edge tools, tracking methods, and frequent updates. In addition to generating new patients, we make sure that your office is set up and your staff is fully trained to handle the increase in production. Our hands-on training and on-going support ensures that the schedule stays full and your new patients become regulars in your office.

Inability to Implement Change

As the doctor you are the highest producing staff member and have limited time available to deal with every little snag that occurs during business hours. As protocols are changed and new ones established, we remain in-touch and frequently visit your practice to help guide you and your staff through the adjustments. Making sure your workflow is smooth and your business goals are on track, Southwest Management Group handles the transitions so you can do your best dental work uninterrupted.

Dental Software Implementation Problems

Dental software is designed to provide simple, time-saving features to optimize the administrative side of your business. However, most of those features are being underutilized or not used at all in most offices. In our years of experience, we know that implementing and training staff how to take advantage of programs creates a better organized and higher functioning business. We have helped our practices go from using 20% to 80-85% of their premier dental software. With all your clinical information and administration records available through the software in real time, you and your staff can provide quick and easy service to your patients.

Guiding Expansion or Adding a New Associate

The expansion of your dental practice requires efficient project management. Southwest Management Group has years of experience planning and managing everything from the layout of your office and the computer networking requirements to finding an associate. We work with your architects, contractors, and vendors to get your office everything it needs to support the growth of your business. As consultants in the dental industry for many years, we have built trusted relationships with transition consultants to help the search for an associate. Once the new doctor is brought on, we aid their integration into the office and train staff how to have conversations with patients that support the success of your new associate.

Personalized Service

We believe in thorough, comprehensive, and personalized service at Southwest Management Group. Your practice, and its success, is important to us. We jump right in, setting up 2-3 meetings with you each month while calling between our meetings to stay connected in our relationships with you and your staff. This regular communication lets us experience and understand the day to day operations in a way that cookie-cutter management does not, which allows us to better serve you. We may even participate in the monthly staff meeting to discuss how the practice is doing and to set goals for the following month.

Exit Strategy

If you are looking to retire soon, Southwest Management Group provides the detail-oriented management solution you need to make the transition. First, we will discuss what you need in order to retire. Then, whether you need to find an associate or a buyer for the practice, we will create a plan to meet those requirements. With years of experience under our belt, we maintain a solid list of reliable vendors for every detail involved. We help with the evaluation of your practice, review contracts, and aid the transition over to the new doctor to support the continuing success of the practice.

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