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Dental Software Implementation

Maximizing Your Dental Software’s Potential

Dental software is designed to provide simple, time-saving features to optimize the administrative side of your dental business. Dentists buy software for managing, collecting, saving, and retrieving medical data for each patient, and for creating reports for the patient. Your dental software compiles the data in a compact and organized fashion. In addition, dental software is also purchased by dentists for scheduling appointments and planning complicated dental treatment. However, most of the features of these complex software programs are being underutilized or not used at all in most dental practices. Software often intimidates people, or they do not understand the instructions that accompany the software. Most people need a class and practice before they can work with new software. Dentists invest a lot of money in this advanced technology, but often do not maximize their investment. Southwest Management Group provides you and your staff the  customized training to support the use of your dental software.

Training Staff How to Take Advantage of Your Dental Software

Southwest Management Group has determined that proper usage of dental software can significantly increase the efficiency of dental office administration and planning. Our experience from working with many dentists and their administrative staff members shows us that educating and training staff how to take full advantage of all the varied features that the dental software has to offer creates a highly organized, efficient and functional business. With our expertise, experience and tools, we establish protocols and provide training and follow up performance tracking to all staff members on how to utilize the dental software to support the implemented management systems. We demonstrate the enhanced software functions to your staff members until they are comfortable with using it. With practice in implementation, this software simplifies and streamlines the management of your dental practice and maintains the records in an easy-to-access electronic filing system. This system allows you to pull up patient records quickly, refer to them whenever you want at any terminal in your office and flip between features while you are working with a patient.

Improved Productivity and Customer Service

By working directly with office staff in dental practices, we have helped our clients improve their software usage–from using 20 percent of their premier dental software to using 80-85 percent of their software. The advantage of making all of your clinical data and administrative records available through the software in real time is that you and your staff can provide superior and rapid customer service to your patients. When a patient is in front of you or calls in to discuss their records, you can access their files immediately. You can move from appointment to billing to treatment records easily allowing you to sound confident and professional when you deal with them. In addition, by modernizing your office, you save time and money by using your investment in software to its highest ability and reducing your records that you store on paper. Moving your practice to a “chartless environment” will save your business time and money. Your staff also won’t be spending valuable time searching for misplaced charts. If a patient needs a copy of their records or receipts, you can print them out and give them to the patient at any time.

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