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Inability to Implement Change

Facilitating Change within Your Dental Practice

Attempting to change an existing office culture can sometimes result in employee resistance. Most employees are comfortable with the way they operate, like to stick to their comfort zones and don’t like to make changes. To affect a positive change, you may find that you are required to continually reinforce the new behaviors you seek to keep your staff from reverting to the old ways of doing business. It takes consistent repetition and explanation before people internalize changes well enough to create new habits. It doesn’t seem to matter whether the change is large or small, change can be difficult for people to adopt. We can teach you the best methods for implementing changes to improve the efficiency and productivity of your practice.

Maximizing Your Time with Patients

As a practicing dentist, your valuable work time should be maximized by spending as much of it as possible working directly with individual patients. Your staff and patients look to you to drive the engine that keeps the business running. You provide the primary care for your dental patients and bring in the highest level of income which drives your business. The need to manage administrative tasks, issues and problems is distracting and takes you away from your primary function. While you are not an office manager, your office does need to be managed, especially when you are working to change the way that you do business. To create effective change, it is important to have a hands-on manager following up and tracking employee performance closely.

Keeping Your Staff and Business Goals on Track

Southwest Management Group will take managerial issues off your hands allowing you to focus your full attention on your patients. If changes in office procedures need to be made, we will work directly with your staff to make them through training and reinforcement. We manage group and individual tasks for a smooth office workflow, giving your staff the opportunity to learn from our expertise and experience. We help you manage the influx of new patients for business growth, teaching staff how to handle the new level of customer service. We work with your staff to train them on optimal usage of your dental software so that they can get the greatest benefit from your investment in technology. We deal directly with your administrative staff to keep distractions at a minimum, handling the hiccups, the snags and the mix-ups, so that you don’t have to bother with them. We communicate with you and your staff by email and phone regularly, and set up meetings 2 – 3 times each month to answer questions, resolve problems and keep your business on track to meet your goals. We want to be accessible to you and to your office staff members.

If you would like to learn how we can manage change in your dental office more efficiently, contact Southwest Management Group.

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