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Professional Guidance for Your Retirement Plan

When you own a dental practice, retirement is more complicated than if you work for someone else. Not only do you need to plan your own retirement income, make sure your health insurance is still available after retirement and decide where you want to live, but you have to make decisions about how to handle retirement for your business. You are a business owner, and have to prepare your practice for your retirement including staff and patients. Retiring means that you need to either close your practice or sell it to someone else, take care of your employees and figure out what to do with all of your furniture and equipment. Retirement is a big proposition, and you do not want to forget or mismanage any part of it. This reason is why we assist dentists that are ready to retire.

Managing the Transition for You, Your Staff, and Your Practice

If you are looking to retire soon, Southwest Management Group provides the detail-oriented management solution you need to make the transition. We have plan in place that can be customized to fit your dental practice. First, we will discuss what your requirements are before you retire. It is optimal to start this kind of planning a few years before you actually are ready to retire. That way you can plan out how you will reach your goal in order for you to retire. The next step is deciding what you want to do with the practice. Whether you need to find an associate or a buyer for the dental practice, we will create a plan to prepare for that choice. After that, we help you maintain your staff in order to enhance the patient retention of your practice for a successful transition.

Integrating a New Associate or Business Owner for Continued Success

With years of experience working with the dental industry under our belt, we maintain a solid list of reputable vendors for every detail involved with retirement. We have valued contacts that can evaluate your practice. We will assist in reviewing contracts, and aid the transition over to the new dentist to support the continuing and ongoing success of the practice. We give you a retirement “to-do” list to carry out as we help you project manage your retirement process. We guide you through the entire retirement preparation process, verifying that nothing gets missed, misplaced or lost.  As the office is transitioning to a new dentist, we will help you smooth out the changeover with well trained staff that will create trust and confidence in the changes for your patient base. Coordinating the successful transition of your business is our priority.

If you are interested in finding out more about retirement possibilities, contact Southwest Management Group.

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