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Getting More New Patients

Driving New Patients to Your Dental Practice

Consistent growth is necessary to keep a business healthy in any industry, and that is true in a dental practice. The best way to grow a dental business is to attract new patients, give them excellent service, and turn them into regular returning patients. In order for growth to happen, you must add more new patients than you lose through attrition. Not every new patient that you attract will become a regular customer; therefore you need to increase your patient list by a significant amount for true growth to occur. New patients not only replace patients lost through attrition and increase your client volume; they also stabilize your practice by giving you a broader base of patients from which to earn income each month. Unless you are planning on retiring soon, you should be seeking new patients on a daily basis. With our many years of experience, we know how you can get the most bang for your buck when cultivating new patients.

Professionally Managed Marketing Campaigns

Southwest Management Group is interested in seeing your dental practice grow in depth and breadth. We teach our clients how to market their dental practices in their community and on the Internet in order to invite new patients to give them a try. We offer you ideas, techniques and our extensive experience in what works to attract new patients and train your staff on how to communicate with current and potential patients in person and over the phone. Dental practices that have begun with a pattern of 7 — 10 new patients per month have grown to consistently getting 40 — 50 new patients per month by marketing their offered dental services more effectively through several channels. With our guidance, your practice will not only benefit from a significant amount of new patients, we will also teach you and your staff how to reactivate your existing patients of record who have fallen off the grid and train your staff how to reliably secure appointments from patients when they call on the phone or contact you via the Internet.

We work closely with a high-quality dental-focused Internet marketing company that provides customized cutting-edge tools, unique tracking methods and frequent updates to our clients. We show you how to utilize these tools in the most effective manner for successful growth. By incorporating this marketing program into your business, you will see significant results like many of our other dental practices.

Extensive Staff Training for the Increase in New Patients

In addition to generating an increased amount of new patients, we make sure that your dental office is prepared and your staff is fully trained to handle the increased influx of patients. We want to offer new patients the utmost in customer service to entice them to return to your business. Our hands-on training and ongoing customer support ensures that your daily schedule stays full with confirmed appointments and your new patients return often becoming regulars in your practice. Patients will appreciate the great care and superior customer service you offer to them when they come in, and come back for more.

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