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Personalized Dental Consulting

We believe in comprehensive, customized, and personalized customer service at Southwest Management Group. We have seen over the years that working closely with our clients makes a vast difference in what we can accomplish with them. People are more focused, and pay better attention when we hold one-on-one conversations. We work with you and your staff directly discuss any concerns, issues, or problems that you have in implementing our protocol, suggestions, or software. We will give you our full, undivided attention to ensure you understand exactly how to execute our plan. Our experience has shown us that to affect positive change in your work environment, we need to actively assist within the dental practice. We work with you to set up a program that is customized and appropriate for your unique dental practice and your staff, and then we work cooperatively with your staff for training and follow up. We have found that consistent, excellent results are achieved with direct, regular interaction and training.

A Regular Presence

Your practice, its success and its growth are important to us. Your success shows that our process works, and we celebrate your success with you. We take a direct approach, which includes holding 2 – 3 meetings each month and calling by phone in between our meetings to stay connected to you and your staff. We build relationships with each member of your staff in order to evaluate the level of training necessary and to track the progress being made. Our protocols, training and success are built on the interactions between our people and yours. The relationships that we establish with your staff members translate forward into how they relate to your patients. We want to set an example of superior customer service for your staff to rely on and to emulate.

Ongoing Support Provided for You and Your Dental Team

Being inside your office and working with your staff allows us to experience and understand the day-to-day operations in a way that off-site management does not. Every office has its unique features and personality traits that can only be assessed by getting to know your practice personally. This activity allows us to better serve you as consultants. If we can see what you are seeing, we can better advise you on how to resolve issues. Typically, we participate in the monthly staff meeting in your office to discuss how the practice is doing, how we can help and to set goals for the following month.

If you are looking for exceptional customer service and a reliable support system for your business – Get in touch with us today.

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