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Our mission is to create sustainable growth by leveraging, engaging, and inspiring our clients through coaching tactics to drive profitability and promote a higher quality of life both in and outside of the dental practice. Looking to increase production? Earn more revenue? Create a more efficient and positive working environment? Our expert team can turn your ideas into results you’ll enjoy day after day in the office, making you, your team, and your patients happier in the process. Our knowledgeable and experienced consultants have successfully satisfied countless dental practices across the United States for over 25-years. The team of experts at Southwest Management Group works together to create a customized path to the quality of practice that you desire.


Jessica Jacobs, Dental Consultant

Jess has spent over 25 years working with dental practices and is passionate about developing and growing strong dental organizations with a focus on patient care, as she believes the best patient experience is delivered in a collaborative & cohesive team approach. She has trained her clients in specific protocols designed to attract and maintain the “media-generated referral” in the practice. Her knowledge and expertise in this area give you and your staff the tools needed to enhance your practice marketing. Jess shares the kind of relatable real-world examples, techniques and business strategies dental practices need to thrive in a competitive and increasingly challenging field. She has a track record of generating results through leadership, talent management and culture development. Jess thrives on the challenge of successfully turning around, building, and creating enormous growth opportunities.

Jess excels at working with growth-minded business owners who desire to learn about the key metrics of their business and use this information to improve profitability and increase their business valuation.
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