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Staff Problems and Conflict

Harnessing the Power of Your Staff with Delegation

Our experience in working with dental staff has shown us that delegating tasks consistently to the appropriate people tends to be an issue in office environments. While you have hired employees for their specific skill set and experience, your office staff may not understand which tasks are best suited for particular individuals. This situation causes friction between employees, and extends the timeline it takes to accomplish vital tasks. One factor in employee productivity is the “blame game” issue. When tasks do not get done, staff personnel may blame one another by saying that “I thought Susie was going to do that task.”

Southwest Management Group uses a unique approach to problem solving and task delegation. Tasks are assigned based on priority, skill, and experience according to our protocol, allowing your staff to feel completely secure and comfortable with their jobs, avoiding conflict and confusion. This technique gives your staff members confidence to act quickly, with precision and efficiency. Staff personnel appreciate this clear-cut office model, because it gives them a sense of accomplishment and completion. Even with interruptions from phone calls and patient questions, your staff will be able to immediately turn back to their assigned tasks and get work done. The “blame game” can no longer be used as an excuse.

Eliminating Barriers and Recognizing Successes with Performance Appraisals

To follow up on responsibilities and assigned tasks, we will show you and your staff how to track performance. With a clear performance tracking system, you can easily see how well your staff performs as a team, and as individuals. Tracking can offer you the ability to find trends in how work gets completed, types of tasks that are not being handled quickly enough, staff members that are working above or below standards and where rewards or remedial action are needed.

Improving Confidence and Productivity of Your Staff

With the establishment of our protocols, the addition of our scheduling deadlines to your employee schedule and the inclusion of our performance tracking, you will find that your office routine functions efficiently and smoothly. Your dental office environment will become more positive, friendly and productive and the workflow will proceed with efficient ease. Staff will project new confidence onto their work and onto the patients, making patients feel more at home and comfortable when they come in for appointments. By presenting a positive environment, you will grow your business.

Ongoing Support and Motivation for a Stress-Free Dental Office

A primary part of what we do is to maintain a close relationship with the dentist and staff in a dental practice. We feel that by establishing a close relationship with you and your staff, we can help manage small problems as they crop up, instead of finding out about them when they become larger problems. As part of our service, we discuss all conflicts with your staff members to find a workable solution. If we find that the issue significantly affects the dental practice, we will involve the dentist; otherwise you can focus your attention on dental treatment. Southwest Management Group knows that interruptions can affect the quality of care that you provide and that you are the primary income earner for your dental practice.

Start maximizing one of your practice’s greatest assets, your staff – Contact Southwest Management Group today.

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