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Expansion or Adding a New Associate

Hassle-Free Expansion of Your Business

If your dentistry practice is growing, and you are looking to expand to a larger physical space, or you need to change your office arrangement to add new equipment or employees, Southwest Management Group can assist you in several ways. Expansion is a huge job, and it is extremely time consuming as well as packed with detailed decisions. You can hire your own contractors, manage the project yourself, and continue working in your practice. However, that is difficult to manage by yourself while you are seeing patients. Instead, we can offer our expertise in project management, planning and managing your office changes from start to finish.

Time-Saving, Expertly Managed Resources

We can take the burden of your expansion off of your shoulders and keep the distractions of moving away from you. We can consult with you for as many or as few decisions as you wish. We have years of experience planning and managing everything from the layout of your office to the computer networking requirements. We can work with your design ideas or start from scratch. We work with your architects, contractors and vendors to get your office whatever it needs to support the growth of your business. By hiring us to manage your construction or moving project, you can focus on continuing to service your patients, continuing to provide the excellent customer service and patient care that you are known for, while we handle the legwork. When the new space is ready, we can work with you for a final walkthrough, and then coordinate your move and you up and running without breaking stride.

Finding a New Associate for Your Dental Practice

We are also experienced in searching for new associates to add to your dental practice. If your practice is looking to add one or more dentists, we can help you in the search and setting up interviews. As consultants in the dental business for many years, we have built trusted relationships with many people in the industry that can assist you in finding new associates. Our connections can benefit your business when you look to expand. We want to see you succeed, grow and expand and we will help you do that any way we can.

Facilitating the Transition for Success

Once the new dentist is brought into your practice, we will aid in their integration into the office environment and train your staff how to have conversations with patients that support the success and growth of your new associate. We will help your staff adjust to the new associate and their needs, train them on how to add them into all of your software programs and work with them to ensure that the new dentist gets patients scheduled properly. We will also work with the new associate to bring them up to par on the administrative system that is in place and answer any questions or concerns that they may have. Our job is to make the transition as easy on you and your staff as possible. We support your business growth.

If you are looking to expand your dental practice by moving or adding a new associate, contact Southwest Management Group.

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