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Dental practices are often plagued with a significant cash flow problem due to slow insurance claim redemptions and inadequate payment arrangements for patients. Late-paying or slow-paying customers create cash shortages, leaving your business without the cash necessary to cover its own cash outflow obligations.

Improving cash flow so that you have cash to spend on your business is crucial to the health of your dental practice.

We have the collections process down to a systematic, scheduled and scripted procedure in order to help you join the ranks of our most successful clients with dental practices that are successfully operating at less than a 10 percent accounts receivable balance at the 90 day marker.

Southwest Management Group will help you solve your cash flow problems, and expedite your collections.

We focus on:
  • Staff Training
  • Rapid turnaround on Payment
  • Practice payment options
  • Financial policies
  • Effective collection protocol
  • Insurance management
Jessica Jacobs - Dental Consultant

Southwest Management Group provides each practice high touch, personalized and customized management and consulting. Each practice is different with its own unique concerns, and as your consultants, we address each of them in a way that works for you and your staff as well as your demographics.

  • Cash Flow Issues
  • Collection and Production Concerns
  • Staff Conflict
  • Low patient Retention


These are often the top reasons that a doctor will reach out to us! In order to grow and enhance your practice, we address all of these areas with customized protocols to meet your practices’ needs. Each area is not just a “stand alone” concern. If the doctor is having production and collection concerns, we need to address many of the areas that also impact that in order to get the desired result.

Putting together the different pieces that impact the distinctive protocols allows us to impact the practice in a positive way, getting the results that the doctor wants to achieve the practice vision.

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